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His range was 3 octaves, with an additional 11 semitones (1 semitone away from another octave) in falsetto.

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The OM6 is a dynamic vocal microphone used for live performances, studio and broadcast applications.

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Find TV BLUES, Vocal with Big Band and more at Marina Music To use this site, you must first enable JavaScript.Once you find each note, select them from the dropdown menus.

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Understanding Vocal Range, Vocal Registers and Voice Type - A Glossary of Vocal Terms.Soulful songstress Trixie Whitley continues to captivate audiences everywhere with her vocal prowess, powerful lyrics, and dynamite live performances.

The OM6 touts a broad frequency response, full-bodied and articulate sound reproduction, resistance to feedback and ability to handle high SPLs in excess of 144 dB without distortion.Once you enter your high and low notes, the famous singer vocal range closest to your own will appear.

His voice is much stronger and smoother than his later years.His playing has more of a vocal range than his voice does - which is unusual, because if you look at BB or Freddie King their singing is almost equal to their guitar playing.

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Taylor was also found, by VVN Music, to possess the second-highest vocal range of any known singer in popular music with a range of 5 and a half octaves.Normally associated with male singers, from Jeff Buckley to the Bee Gees.

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He may be busy doing his service, but his vocals are not to be slept on lol.Live at the Regal is an absolutely necessary acquisition for fans of B.B. King or blues music in general.Practice with short scales and get comfortable singing that new note properly before trying to push your voice any higher or lower.

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Australian blues musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter, Matty T Wall released his highly anticipated new album, Sidewinder, on Hipsterdumpster Records.There is an intrinsic sweetness and youthfulness to the voice that is accentuated by her excellent phrasing.The Yanagisawa T-991 professional Saxophone is an easy to play modern horn that produces a modern sound.The performer is The Deanna Bogart Band - a 4 or 5 piece band, including vocal, piano, sax, guitar, drums.The brothers both sing and play all instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and harmonica.We are all experienced musicians and we perform oldies classic rock hits.

Well,she was a dramatic soprano with a vocal range near 3 octave its.

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He was beaten only by Mike Patton (6 octaves) According to this.

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She reached C6 in casta diva and we can see her singing that high note C6 easily she never screamed at al….It currently provides academic libraries with streaming access to over 10 million tracks, and is growing monthly as new recordings are added.Like your height or eye color, your vocal range is preset by genetics.