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See how your insurance, tax-free dollars or monthly payment plans can make your new smile even more affordable.

Invisalign treatment (in most cases) costs about the same as traditional braces.Sorry for the sound fluxations, I really just wanted to put this video out here because I get asked this question so often.Typically if one arch needs to be corrected the other one does as well.

When children that young have braces, their teeth are still prone to a significant amount of movement and shifting as they age.Metal braces are very much the traditional option and they remain extremely popular and effective, despite the prevalance of the various new orthodontic treatments.Most health and dental insurance plans will cover a portion of braces costs.

Bright Side Dental accepts a variety of dental insurance plans that offer orthodontic benefits.

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You do although need to find an orthodontist that will agree to only do the top rather then both arches.

So if you plan on only correcting the top it would be half that.Average Cost For Braces If you finally determine that you actually need to get braces, or any type of orthodontic work, you need to consider the cost.For many children, braces are a necessity for healthy, happy smiles, which can leave parents wondering how much braces for teeth cost.Yes, you can have.braces after having wisdom teeth removed, but wait at least 2 weeks for healing to make sure no post op complications exist.Keep in mind that your out-of-pocket costs will likely be higher if you choose non-metal braces.

Do not feck with enamel etc, just do the low slog of Invisalign.It is the belief of many that Invisalign invisible Braces can only be used by patients whose dental problems are only mild.Braces are more effective in children and it is usually recommended to start the treatment at around the age of 12.

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Request an Appointment Find a Doctor Find an Invisalign Store Take the Smile Assessment.How much you can expect to pay out of pocket for retainers, including what people paid in 2018.

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If you would like to chat to Dr Coetzee about getting braces simply complete the contact us form.Some even use tooth-colored wires to be even less noticeable.