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Last, if all else fails, you can restore the phone to its factory settings.

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Because they are active and store all of your contact information and data, they can be placed in other phones, and all of your information is transferred with the card.

Business owners who want to save money on the purchase of a new iPhone can purchase a used iPhone and activate it using a wireless network or iTunes.With a smartphone especially, the setup of contacts, apps, preferences, and other account details takes time and thoughtful consideration.

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To ensure proper activation of your phone, you must use the smart card from your old phone.It will take up to 24 hours for successfully activate iMessage on your phone number.Tap on Get Started to go to the Home screen, and start using your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.When a new SIM is activated, you do need to reboot the phone (or at least go in to airplane mode for a minute or two), so the SIM will pick up the activation.A new customer needs to activate the SIM card by using their SIM card number.

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Before the iPhone can be used, it must first be activated and configured to work on the T-Mobile network.Fix an “Activation Error” After an iPhone Reset / Restore Jul 2, 2014 - 59 Comments If you’ve ever reset an iPhone to factory default settings or restored a device to set it up as new, you may have run into this “Activation Error” message when going to set up the iPhone again.

If you have, though, you can install your apps, music, settings, and other data on your new iPhone from the backups that already exist on your PC.

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Use these steps to complete the first use configuration and device activation for your iPhone.

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Big on features and small on price, our 4-8 line office phones, conference speakerphones and headsets have you covered.You can however program the phone which means you enter the info about your account and local system into it.

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These phones are locked to a monthly contract but it is possible to use another service provider if your contract expires.You may need this to activate the device. 4. Sign in to My Sprint as the account owner.The number will be printed on the package on a white label with bar codes.Find a store Find a store Make a store appointment Make a store appointment.

Once the Setup process is completed, you can remove the SIM Card from your device and start using iPhone as WiFi Only device.

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The serial number of the phone and the phone number have to be a matched set for the system to allow a call and that can only be entered in the system by the carrier.

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To check for network or activation issues and see if you need to replace your SIM card, contact your carrier.

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Simply download the app to both devices, follow the prompts to connect the devices and transfer your content.